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141119 | Cornwall Storm Impacts update 19 November 2014 V1.3


2.1.10 Flood Protection, Water Supply and Sewage Assets

Environment Agency owned and operated assets

During the winter the Devon & Cornwall Asset Performance and MEICA teams carried out several post
event asset inspections to monitor the integrity of the flood defences. The prolonged nationwide event
also prompted the Agency to request military assistance.  read more »

160620 | Inspector gives provisional 'thumbs up' to Cornwall Local Plan - Cornwall Council

Inspector gives provisional 'thumbs up' to Cornwall Local Plan

The Planning Inspector in charge of Cornwall’s Local Plan Examination has given a provisional 'thumbs up' to the revised proposals put forward by the Council – enabling the authority to start to move the focus away from housing numbers to improving the quality of new development  read more »

160401 | Possible expansion on northern edge of Angarrack | Hayle Neighbourhood Plan | Policies - First Consultation

Map 1 The Hayle Neighbourhood Plan Boundary
Map 2 Foundry Town Centre - proposed extension
Map 3 Copperhouse Town Centre - proposed extension
Map 4 South and West Built-up Areas - Housing
Map 5 North Built-up Area - Housing
Map 6 North-east Built-up Area - Housing
Map 7 Angarrack Built-up Area - Housing
Map 8 Allocation for New Built-up Area
Map 9. Industrial Areas
Map 10 Professional Employment
Map 11 Phillack
Map 12 Angarrack
Map 13 Foundry
Map 14 Undeveloped Coastal Areas
Map 15 Sandy Acres
Map 16 Riviere Towans Chalets
Map 17 Town Framework Open Space
Map 18 Greenspace
Map 20 Copperhouse Pool Protection Zone
Map 21 Wildlife Areas
Map 22 Junction Safeguarding Areas
Map 23 Public Amenities
Map 24 Loggans Mill Protection Zone

Hayle Neighbourhood Plan | Policies - First Consultation

The survey has 61 questions on the proposed Hayle Nieghbourhood Plan.

This is a highlight of some of the significant maps - but you are STRONGLY advised to take the survey yourself to fully understand the context

There are a number of significant points about Hayle Neighbourhood including planning, development, leisure and traffic.  read more »

160310 | HAYLE HARBOUR - NORTH QUAY I attended an interesting meeting yesterday as mayor, at the Harbour Office in Hayle

160224 | EDG1062 | No Waiting at Any Time Restrictions | Lethlean Lane, Hayle | Consultation CORMAC Consultancy

Via Option 10 - Hayle 5 (second one!)  read more »

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