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101003 | ASDA reported to have offered to buy ING land for Hayle

According to John Bennet's report on Twitter
In a surprise move, Walker Developments, agent for ASDA, has made an offer to ING to buy their supermarket land. More at
01 October 2010. Hayle Town Council received a presentation on the revised plans for the ASDA supermarket at the rugby ground. The store size is being reduced, parking can be shared with the M&S site (relieving an on-going congestion problem), the design of the Loggans roundabout appears to work and also provides a level crossing point for pedestrians and the plans for the new rugby ground are approved by the Rugby Club - who feel they would be the envy of every club in Cornwall!

In a postscript to that meeting, after ASDA had left, Richard Walker of Walker Developments, the agent for ASDA, revealed to the Council an offer made to ING's agent to buy 35% of the land on the South Quay earmarked for the supermarket for £5,000,000. That land would be gifted to the Town Council for regeneration purposes. ING would not build a supermarket but could develop the remaining land according to the approved Master Plan. It will be interesting to see how this proposal develops.

Interesting indeed.