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130815 | Money not well spent | Letter The Cornishman Derek Elliott

Via The Cornishman Thursday 15 August 2013

Money not well spent 

CAN WE all please start to save money by giving our farmers a reasonable price for their milk and crops? That is what our countryside is designed for; and it actually creates employment.  Why do we carry on bankrupting our farmers and pushing them deeper and deeper into the 'green energy' con trick whereby we then find ourselves having to pay these wind farms' ad solar parks' out-of-county owners millions and millions of pounds more than we need to?  In just two days last week householders gave more than £3 million to 30 wind farms which were paid to switch off; just think what our farmers could have done with this money.  At one point, 40 per cent of all the wind energy set to be transmitted to the National Grid was discarded.

Therefore we need to fight on behalf of our farmers and stop this generous taxpayer-funded waste. Onshore wind farms are guaranteed at least 100 per megawatt hour, where the income from this will only generate a maximum of £50.  Offshore wind farms receive £150 and experts predict these payments are set to rise.

How many pints of milk, how many cabbages and potatoes, could we be buying from local farmers if they received a much fairer deal from our Government for what they are best at?


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