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Latest Information:

On 5 June 2018, we published our draft recommendations for the electoral review of Cornwall Council.

From 5 June 2018 to 17 September 2018 , we are accepting opinions and comments (submissions) from the public on these recommendations for Cornwall Council.

As a result of our draft recommendations on new division patterns, we are making changes to the parish electoral arrangements for the following parish and town councils:

An interactive map of the draft recommendations, visit our consultation area. You can view both the existing and proposed boundaries, search by area or postcode, and have your say. A non-interactive image of the proposed division boundaries is also available.

You can make a submission to the Cornwall electoral review:

  1. through our consultation area,
  2. by e-mailing, or
  3. writing to the following address:

The Review Officer (Cornwall)

1st Floor Windsor House

50 Victoria Street



Information on how reviews work is available on our How Reviews Work Page.

You may also wish to read our document Electoral Reviews: Technical Guidance, which contains guidance on the review process and information on the legislation reviews are carried out under.




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