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Bonfires ... PLEASE make sure you are not inadvertently killing hedgehogs and other wildlife

This is a 'Public Service Announcement' on behalf of our good prickly friends ... PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE ... if you are going to be out having bonfire-fun over the weekend ... PLEASE make sure you are not inadvertently killing hedgehogs and other wildlife.

If you are having a bonfire, try and build it on the day you burn. If it has to be built in advance, check underneath before lighting - levering it up with the blunt end of a rake ... and if it is monumental and you cannot do that - at least light it from just one side.

Hedgehogs do not have a fight or flight response - this makes them particularly vulnerable - but at least lighting from one side gives them a chance.

If you do find a hedgehog - either out and small in the day - or injured - please get in touch with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society  - or call 01584 89080.

And if you are able - you can help support their work by shopping from the 'Hogalogue' - or contacting them and making a donation.



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