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Hayle Existing and Proposed Retail and Housing | Autumn 2020

Existing Proposed Retail and Housing 1 Hayle Harbour W1/08-0613 2 North Quay PA18/04577 (143) 3 South Quay Yard PA17/0418/2 (30) 4 Foundry Yard PA18/10457 (24) 5 Trevassack Hill PA 15/03787 (148) 6 NE of Bodriggy Academy PA19/07748 (157) 7 Viaduct Hill PA16/00501 (138) 8 R & J Supplies PA 15/10513 (70) 6b NE of Bodriggy Academy PA19/07748 2.1 Starbucks 2.2 Hayle rugby club, 10 Marsh Lane 2.4/2.3 PA16/03519 was PA15/04394 2.6 the Marine Renewables Business Park on North Quay Harvey’s Foundry complex

2 Significant Development around Hayle

2.1 The Little Chef at Carwin Rise, Loggans Moor adjacent to the Shell garage has been demolished to make way for Cornwall’s first drive-thru Starbucks which opened December 2019.[PA19/00068 Little Chef to Starbucks]

2.2 There have been several significant planning permissions for retail development granted over the past few years. Firstly, outline planning permission PA14/02920 was granted in July 2016 for up to 15,539 sqm gross A1/A3 floor space at Hayle rugby club, 10 Marsh Lane. The proposal was for 8 comparison retail units (10,211 sqm net trading area) and 4 A3 units (951 sqm net trading area). Known as the ‘Walker’ development, the scheme would see the Rugby Club relocating to the other side of the Marsh Lane roundabout, east of Brewers Fayre. However, this has now time expired. It has been confirmed by the developer ‘that it is highly likely given the changing economic and retail climate in the UK that a further application will be submitted with regard to this site to better reflect the changes in the retailing sector that have occurred in the last two years. It is unlikely that the current scheme will be implemented in its existing form’. [PA14/02920 Hayle Rugby Club by Walker Developments]

2.3 On adjacent land, a major retail scheme was refused due to a ‘cumulative significant adverse impact upon the health of and investment within the neighbouring towns. The Cranford scheme (PA15/04394) proposed a flagship Debenhams store along with a further 7 retail stores including River Island, TK Maxx, Fat Face and H&M and provision for 2 cafes/restaurants. The development was for 10 units in total; amounting to 14,833 sqm floor space. [PA15/04394 Cranford Debenhams]

2.4 A smaller, revised Cranford scheme (PA16/03519) was later approved in May 2016 . The revised development is still for 10 units but on a reduced site of 8,404 sqm, with units ranging from 316 sqm to 2362 sqm. The scheme is now described as a ‘bulky goods’ retail park with DIY products rather than being fashion–led, as before. It is considered to have significantly less of a negative impact on neighbouring towns and promises to make Hayle a key retail destination reducing the need to travel out of West Cornwall. It also has the potential to reduce the reliance on internet shopping (which is documented to be the highest within the west of Cornwall) to create more ‘sustainable’ shopping patterns. A mitigating sum of £250,000 has been allocated to Hayle town centre management. The developers are actively working through the process of discharging the pre-commencement conditions prior to commencing. [PA16/03519 Cranfords]

2.5 Foundry Yard (PA14/12215) was approved at Strategic Committee in September 2015. This proposal would have replaced the extant permission for 3 A1 retail units (approved in conjunction with the ASDA scheme) with a single (smaller) comparison unit (1,396 sqm) to be built opposite the ASDA store. [PA14/12215 Foundry Yard Hayle single A1 unit]
However, the appetite for retail development is dwindling and this amended scheme has since been withdrawn and the site was recently permitted for housing. 24 dwellings have been approved under PA18/10457. [PA18/10457 Foundry Yard Hayle 24 dwellings]

2.6 The Foundry Yard site forms part of the original extant Hayle Harbour application W1/08-0613 which also includes the Marine Renewables Business Park on North Quay. The Marine Business Park was completed in 2017 and provides 540 sqm of office space and 1,328 sqm of industrial units for individuals and companies involved in the marine renewables and marine technology sectors. Phase 2 of the Hayle Renewables Business Park has recently secured funding to deliver a combination of new build and refurbishment across two sites to create further business and office space. [Marine Renewables]

2.7 The Hayle Harbour application has also completed the infrastructure works within Hayle such as a road bridge to replace the historic iron bridge, new roads and improvements to the public realm. The next phase is to construct a footbridge over Penpol Creek to provide pedestrian access linking South Quay with East Quay.[PA14/04724 Pedestrian footbridge Penpol Terrace to South Quay]

2.8 North Quay has since progressed to reserved matters with 143 dwellings granted July 2019. Work has commenced with 4 of the dwellings completed at the time of writing. The permission also includes 2,014 sqm of retail (Class A1-A5), community (D1) and Leisure (D2) floorspace, 595 sqm of business use (B1) and 343 sqm for industrial and fish storage (B2 and B8 use). [PA20/05161 North Quay Hayle Harbour]

2.9 The remaining area of South Quay behind the Asda store has also progressed to reserved matters stage under PA17/04181 [PA17/04181 South Quay 27 residential units] and PA17/04182 [PA17/04182 South Quay The Gatehouse]. Granted in March 2018, these applications combined will provide 270 sqm A1/A3, 435 sqm A3 and 30 residential units.

2.10 Currently, permission is being considered on the remaining areas of the Harbour application, specifically the Hilltop and Riviere Fields area under PA20/05161. The proposal is for the construction of 377 residential units; 598 sqm retail (Class A1-A5 and sui generis floorspace; 2,407 sqm of business (Class B1) and industrial and fish storage (Class B2 and B8) floorspace; a 4,409 sqm hotel (Class C1); 2,275 sqm of community and open space. [PA20/05161 North Quay Hayle Harbour]

2.11 A new carpark has been approved under PA20/00261 northwest of North Quay to provide 276 spaces for visitors to North Quay and the beaches and will replace the existing car park at Towans Beach to allow for dune restoration.[PA20/00261]

2.12 On the other side of Hayle the housing scheme for 148 homes nears completion SE of the town at Trevassack Hill (PA15/03787). [PA15/03787 Hayle Trevassack Hill 148 dwellings]
On land to the north of Viaduct Hill, another development is well underway for 138 homes, approved under PA16/00501. Both sites fall within Policy H-UE1 of the Adopted Sites Allocation DPD. [PA16/00501 Hayle Football Club]
On two additional fields also within this allocation, 157 dwellings gained approval at reserved matters stage in July 2020, north east of Bodriggy Academy under PA19/07748. [PA19/07748 Hayle High Lanes]

2.13 Phase III of the renovation project on the formerly derelict Grade II listed buildings that form part of the Harvey’s Foundry complex is now complete. The former pattern shop and Plantation Store have been refurbished and converted along with the construction of a new building on the site of a former cart shed creating 18 offices and 83 jobs.

2.14 Permission to redevelop the R & J Supplies site on Copper Terrace was approved December 2018 under PA15/10513 . The majority of the brownfield site consists of disused warehouse buildings amounting to 3,600 sqm and a discount homeware shop which occupies the eastern end of the edge of town centre location. 70 dwellings are proposed with the majority to be flats. [PA15/10513 RJs Hayle]

2.15 Hayle was one of six towns to be chosen to benefit from an urban greenspace project to create nature-rich habitats enhancing places for people and for wildlife. A total of £3.5 million was spent by December 2019 on public gardens and recreational areas, roadside verges and old churchyards. Funding was awarded from the ERDF, Exeter University and Cornwall Council as part of the Green Infrastructure for Growth (GI4G) project. With the focus on community engagement volunteers have helped to create wildflower meadows, pathways and seating within Treveglos Meadow, Millpond Gardens and on the verges surrounding the Commercial Road carpark.

via Cornwall Monitoring Report Hayle Town Report December 2020 [hayle-town-centre-retail-survey-2020.docx]